Past Projects

Recording Studio Desk

I was asked to build a recording studio desk on a budget.  Using only plywood and 2×4’s I set out to meet this client’s needs.  The client needed a solid desk that could be moved by one person.  It took a little engineering, but I was able to work out a design that fit both form and function.  The desk separates into four parts: the top, the risers and the two base sections.  With this configuration he picked it up and moved it to his office by himself.  Success!!!  The desk is eight feet long, three feet deep and stands forty two inches at the tallest point.  The side risers were positioned specifically for the client to produce the best sound from his speaker arrangement.  The last photo was provided by the client after he had arranged his equipment.

Artist’s Pencil Set

This is an artist’s pencil set that I created for a friend.  It was turned out of Authentic Bethlehem Olive and the furniture is plated with 24k gold.  The box is a mass produced book safe that I have form fit with high density foam and felt to create a one of a kind pencil box.  This pencil set was given as a Christmas gift and the pictures were provided by the owner.

Hope Chest

When I was asked to build a hope chest for a friend, I jumped at the opportunity.  Up until this point I had never been called on to create a piece of fine furniture.  The chest was crafted from maple and accented with a walnut top and trim.  Inside, the chest was lined with removable panels so the interior could change as the clients tastes changed over the years or as the fabric wore from use.  The front panels were wood burned by hand to create a one of a kind look.

Retirement Gift Set

This is a keepsake box and pen set that was created as a retirement gift.  The box is a hand crafted book safe made from solid cherry wood and finished with a red mahogany stain and polyurethane.  Suede was applied to the bottom of the inside of the keepsake box and felt applied to the bottom outside to keep the box from scratching surfaces.  The graphic layout was put together by Louie Roybal and laser engraved on a black on aluminum plate. The pen pillow was sewn using the members uniform and name tape to personalize the gift even further.  The pen was crafted out of Authentic Bethlehem Olive (with certification) and is a Rollerball style pen with postable cap and felt tip refill.